Cloud Architect

Main Roles and Duties of a Solution Architect

  • Conducting architectural evaluation, analysis, and design of enterprise-wide systems
  • Stimulating appropriate design discipline and design tools like IBM Rational
  • Ensuring delivery of robust system solutions by the application architecture team to the architect business
  • Developing, enhancing and maintaining established process and procedure of service design for assuring appropriate and robust service design
  • Work with the enterprise architect for making sure the architecture and strategic blueprints are complied with
  • Forming part of a high-performance solution architecture team that supports the developmental effort of a business-oriented project
  • Planning, designing and executing complex company level solution configuration
  • Preparation and presentation of a test plan, lab reports, technical presentations and analyst briefings for covering different solution areas
  • Be responsible for the best current practices and suggestions
  • Collaboration with the IT development team for ensuring suitable translation of architectural solution into robust and effective implementation
  • Making sure configuration management continues the way it should
  • Identification of customer requirements, analysis of alternatives and conducting product recommendations associated with platform, software and network configurations
  • Work with sales department for performing demonstration and conversing requirements
  • Initiate contact with the client to provide a complete team effort

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